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Tyler Lyons

MLB Pitcher – St. Louis Cardinals (2011-2018)


“Working with Ed, I learned how to be a lot more intentional with the training I was doing in the off-season.  With Ed’s knowledge as a PT combined with his understanding of baseball, it allowed us to be more efficient and specific in what we were trying to accomplish in both the weight room and training room.  Whether it be manual therapy or soft tissue recovery work, having access to this kind of hands-on training was invaluable to me during the training process."

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Grant Dawson_edited.jpg

Grant Dawson

UFC Lightweight


“I was struggling with severe back pain.  As a professional athlete, it was keeping me from training to the capacity that I needed to perform in my sport.  I started working with Ed and I noticed a big difference after the first week with him.  A month and a half later I was pain free in my back and able to train with zero pain and great mobility.  Very professional guy and extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with.”

Joe Britton

Linebacker – Arkansas State (Class of '23)


“After having a major knee surgery and being told by my athletic trainers to retire from football all together I started looking for someone who was willing to take on the challenge of getting me back on the field. This is when I got in contact with Ed and quickly realized he was the man for the job. His attention to detail within his programing and coaching is why I felt that I was able to get back on the field. Ed also understood how surgery can affect someone mentally in a negative way, especially athletes since so much of their lives revolve around sports.  Ed always stressed the importance of being positive and would consistently show me how I was improving from our first session. With Ed’s intentional approach I got back to a point where I knew I could play football again.  Without Ed I would have never been able to step on the field again.  He not only saved my football career but now I have a great friend who I know I can go to for help.”

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Elle Dawson.heic

Elle Dawson

Professional MMA Fighter


“Ed’s professionalism and expertise has made us repeat customers.  He has assisted me through a series of knee injuries and helped me to return quickly to competition.  My husband and I have both seen Ed for physical therapy at one time or another and have always had great results.  Ed is attentive and responsive, as well as a fantastic physical therapist.”

Chris Turner

Defensive Lineman – University of Missouri (Class of ’22)


“Working with Ed was a great experience. His knowledge, attention to detail, and dedication to his craft and patients are hard to come by. Through all of the ups and downs, he pushed me to be my best every day as I rehabbed from a knee surgery and prepared for Mizzou Football’s Pro Day.  With his help, I was cleared to return to play weeks before the original projected date.”

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Norm Stewart

Mizzou Men’s Basketball Head Coach (1967-1999)


“Because of health issues and medical problems, I have had a combination of surgeries, walkers, braces and a cane that require physical therapy.  During several months of this time I have had the good fortune to work with Ed Pilgrim.  He has helped me get through this time and I am now moving with no walker, no brace and no cane part of the time.  Mr. Pilgrim has done this with a combination of exercises and guidance.”

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